Golf Tournament Planning 101 ~ Introduction

Attention Tournament Planners!!!!

Article #1 in a series on Golf Tournament Planning
By: Judy Knelly, Special Events Coordinator, Sugarloaf Golf Club Inc

So you’ve been asked to run a golf tournament. Maybe your employer is sponsoring a company outing…or you are on the board of a charity that hopes to raise funds ….or your daughter’s softball team needs new uniforms and you’ve been elected to raise money to make them the best dressed team in the league. Whatever the case may be, YOU have accepted the challenge of putting together a team of volunteers, finding sponsors & golfers and coordinating a full day of golf, contests, prizes, food and fun. DON’T PANIC! With a little help and planning, your event can be very successful and we want to help.
As Special Events Coordinator here at Sugarloaf Golf Club I have called on my 30+ years of experiences in the golf industry to put together a series of articles to make your job easier. I’ll cover topics like these:
• Getting started ~ who’s in charge?
• Put together a great team of volunteers
• Keep them motivated!
• Choosing a venue
• How to promote your event & attract golfers
• Finding sponsors
• Formats, games & contests
• The big day is here
• That’s a wrap!
So, stay tuned for this really important series. I would also like to invite those of you with tournament planning experience to comment on my posts. Don’t be shy…share your knowledge!

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