Tournament Planning 101 ~ Timeline for Success

Timeline for Success

Article #4 in a series on Golf Tournament Planning

By: Judy Knelly, Special Events Coordinator, Sugarloaf Golf Club Inc

I have seen incredibly successful fundraisers put together in six weeks and I’ve seen tournaments that were a year in the planning fall well short of the tournament director’s expectations either in low sponsorship or in number of golfers. This timeline can’t provide the manpower you will need, but it can provide some ideas you may have not thought of using (like press releases ~ they are free advertisement!).

9 to 12 months out: – Hold initial planning meeting with Chairs and key volunteers

– Contact golf course(s), obtain rate & availability information

– If possible, regarding contests they will man

– begin gathering supplies (cash boxes, tickets, pens, markers, tape,

sunscreen, cameras, etc)

– Prepare programs

1 to 5 days before event: – Contact golf course with list of golfers & pairings

– Have final volunteer meeting & wrap up last minute entries & sponsors

– Gather all supplies

– Prepare notes for banquet (Thank you’s!)

– Finalize contests, raffles, door prizes, give-aways

– Make any gift baskets for door prizes or raffles

– Print Rules sheets

The day of: – Possible breakfast meeting at course with volunteers

To make sure all jobs are covered

– Set up registration area

– Put up signage

– greet all golfers personally

– Make sure contest markers are placed on course

– make announcements before start

– coordinate scoring & summary of winners with golf course

– oversee post-banquet announcement of winners

– clean up supplies

– arrange payment to golf course

Within 2 weeks prior: – have final meeting/wrap-up party

– Thank all golfers, sponsors and volunteers

– pay all outstanding bills, prepare final written accounting

– prepare letter to editor thanking community publically

– Secure venue & date for next year’s event

This list probably looks daunting at first glance, but you’ll notice a common theme ~ communicate, communicate, communicate

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