Is Etiquette In Golf Dead????

This week’s USGA Greens Section email poses the question of etiquette on the golf course. No…this is not another “Speed of Play” issue; although, the push by the PGA is a much welcomed campaign! This article examines the responsibility of players in caring for the course. From a course owner’s perspective, it is often disheartening to see willful damage done to the course. It is just as sad to see damage caused by disregard for the hard work a maintenance crew puts into the course or by simple laziness. It’s hard to change those people. BUT…some damage is caused by golfers who just have never thought about it…why replace divots, rake traps or take care where carts are driven? If you want to do YOUR part in keeping the course/s you play to be in better shape, then please read the whole article: USGA Greens Section


Closing Time…..??

By Patrick S. Knelly Golf Course Superintendent Sugarloaf Golf Club   I’m sitting comfortably on my deck right now, in […]

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Sugarloaf is open!

Dust off your clubs and head to Sugarloaf! Due to the mild forecast, we will be opening Tuesday January 31 […]

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2011 Fall Aeration has Begun

2011 Fall Aearation is Underway We have begun our fall greens aeration. While it’s nearly November, we are aware that […]

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Water, Water Everywhere

Water, Water Everywhere….. By: Patrick S. Knelly GCS Sugarloaf Golf Club Well, it’s been raining. Not like the Spring showers […]

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Consistent Bunkers???

Bunker Consistnecy, Good or Bad?? By Patrick S. Knelly GCS It’s been a crazy summer, no question! I’ve taken a […]

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Green Golf

“Down with Brown” By Patrick S. Knelly GCS Sugarloaf Golf Club Why is a golf course supposed to be emerald […]

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