Closing Time…..??

By Patrick S. Knelly

Golf Course Superintendent

Sugarloaf Golf Club


I’m sitting comfortably on my deck right now, in a light T-shirt writing a blog about closing the golf course for the 2012 season! It’s sunny and just a hair below 60 degrees, what the heck is going on here??? If the winter of 2011/12 is any indicator, we may be in store for some more mild weather before Santa heads South and 2012 leaves us for good. We just wanted to take a few minutes to let our readers know that we will NOT be permanently closing the course until the weather takes a permanent turn for the worst. So, get out your clubs back out and come on down and enjoy a few more December rounds while you can.

Carts will still be available for use as long as we are still open and pins and tees will remain out until we determine that the golf course is no longer playable. While the carts are available, signage and ropes have been brought in for the season, we ask that you please use good judgement and stay out of wet or soggy areas and respect the course by following the 90* rule where possible to distribute traffic. We will be making some preventative fungicide applications to the greens and tees this week along with some fertilizer applications to help heal the greens from the late season core aeration process. While the golf course is playable, and the weather is nice, we are operating with only a skeleton crew so other than blowing leaves and moving pins occasionally most routine maintenance is done for the season. Please do your part to keep the course in the same condition you found it by repairing ball marks and replacing divots. It’s more important than ever, the turf is no longer actively growing and needs your help to heal itself! I hope you can find the time to come down and enjoy a few more days of nice weather before the snow flies again. If we don’t see you, please have a happy and safe holiday season, and I look forward to Spring of 2013!

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