Golf Exercises for Balance

“Hump Day Help”

By Sarah Seratch of Northeast PT Associates Phone: 570-459-4559

Balance, as described by the dictionary is steadiness or stability. You may feel that you are steady or “good on your feet”, but in the world of golf, balance can make or break your game. Everyone knows that balance is very important to golf, just look in any golf magazine. Do you have balance deficits that can be fixed?

Do this test on both legs:

  • Stand on one leg for 30 seconds, if you can’t practice until you can.
  • Next, raise your knee out in front of you and hold for 30 seconds. If you can’t do that practice until you can.
  • Then hold onto your driver, it will give you some support, and rotate left to right, keeping your feet only slightly apart. Can you do this step? If not practice it until you no longer lose your balance.
  • Then rotate right to left with feet only slightly apart with no support.
  • Progress finally to golfing stance with no club, perform golf motion of your swing, and pay attention to your balance. If you become unsteady then practice this until you no longer do lose your balance.

When you can master all these things and swing within yourself, your golf swing will become smoother and more efficient which will lead to longer and straighter shots.