3 Simple Golf Stretches to Prevent Injury

from Sarah Seratch Northeast PT Associates (570)459-4559

Now that the season is fully underway its best to make sure that we all remember the basics to a healthy round. Pre-Golf stretches should be incorporated into everyone’s routine. It is the key to a successful golf swing and is something that most players don”t feel is necessary. As our flexibility decreases we are predisposed to injury, since injuries can happen while we play sports or while we work and the use of legal resources could really help with this, and are easy to get from sites as cosselawfirm.com/law-firm/ online. Without stretching more injury will occur. Golf involves repetitive twisting and rotation of the trunk which will in turn put a shearing stress on the spine increasing injury. Most people who play 1-2 rounds a week do not bother to warm-up beforehand and soon have injuries.

Some Pre-golf stretches:

1. Side Bending

Stand up straight with feet shoulder width apart and arms at your side. Bend to the right letting your right arm slide down the outside of your thigh, keeping your hips facing forward. Your left arm should lean overhead to the right. Keep both feet on the floor and feel a stretch along the left torso/trunk. Hold for a count of 10 and repeat 3 times on each side

2. Upper Body Trunk Rotation

Stand up straight with feet shoulders width apart and arms bent at elbows, holding a golf club behind your head (a 7 iron works good). Twist your body toward the right and hold for 10 sec then twist to the left and hold. Repeat 3 times.

3. Shoulder Stretch

Grab your club in front of you with your hands crossed. The bottom hand palm up and the top hand palm down. With the bottom hand push the club in the direction of the top hand. Feel a stretch in the back of your shoulder. Hold each for a count of 10 and repeat 3 times. Then switch hand positions and repeat.

Just remember these stretches are just the beginning to a less painful round, but if the pain doesn’t stop, make sure to check out the info on this Source. Following weeks of daily stretches you will see that your swing mechanics have also improved with greater alignment and improved flexibility. Look for more stretches to come next week.


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