Winter Golf

Open for GOLF!
Patrick S. Knelly
Well, we are wrapping up our weekend of bonus golf at Sugarloaf. Never saw that coming but the weather cooperated and we were able to take advantage of the awesome weather and mild winter. While we arent closing the course today, odds are it will be soon. For now, we plan to be open through this Wednesday or Thursday and then we will re-evaluate. The first thing I wanted to post tonight was how exciting and refreshing it is for us to see all of our friends and patrons again this time of year. The winter can be long and quiet some times, while we need a break from the grind, it’s so nice to reunite with you all. Thanks for making the ride down and saying hello in the process! I also wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who played the last few days for their respect and patience on the course. We know that cart path only rules can be frustrating, but we just didnt feel the course could support traffic without extensive damage. We limit cart restrictions in general and strive to keep you roaming free at all times, but the short days and Friday’s unexpected rains really set us back. We noticed very little damage on the course, and I personally thank you all for that! Lastly, I just wante to mention that we do still have Membership opprotunities for 2017 available. We offer packages to fit most budgets and lifestyles. This week is a good example of the fact that we provide as many or more quality playable days for you to enjoy the course and add value to your membership dollars! We would be happy to have you join our family and if you need any information please feel free to email me at

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