2018 Sugarloaf Invitational Results

AUGUST 10,11 &12 2018


Championship Flight Fri, Sat, Sun & 3-DAY TOTAL

Low Gross Team: Patrick Mitchell & Nick Paone 198

First Runner-up Team: Sean Misstishen & Jason Troutman 199

Second Runner-up Team: Hayden Jones & Chris Decker 202

Third Runner-up Team: Jay Salemi & Chris Salemi 209

First Flight

Low Gross Team: Marty Kimmel & Sean Brogan 209

First Runner-up Team: Josh Pendolphia and John Mikewicz 210

Second Runner-up Team: Ron Matisak & Ryan Matisak 211

Third Runner-up Team: Devin McLaughlin & Sam Stewart 211

Second Flight

Low Gross Team: Jeremy Chapin & Jack Miller 210

First Runner-up Team: Brian Harman & Todd Edwards 219

Second Runner-up Team: Joseph Nicholas & Joe Nicholas 219

Third Runner-up Team: Zeke Hudock & Eric Dion 220

Third Flight

Low Gross Team: John Sheehe & Pete Sheehe 228

First Runner-up Team: Scott Dobash & Geoff Major 229

Second Runner-up Team: Robert Lange & Robbie Lange 229

Third Runner-up Team: Mick Sharock & John Litrenta 229

Fourth Flight

Low Gross Team: Frank Birk & Nick Harley 235

First Runner-up Team: Mike Phelan & Steve Kim 239

Second Runner-up Team: Bob Dellacava & Dan Gooley 239

Third Runner-up Team: Kevin Mitchell and Jim Mitchell 242

Friday Medalist Team: Saturday Medalist Team

Sean Misstishen & Jason Troutman 63 Pat Mitchell & Nick Paone

Tournament Summary & Highlights

The 40th Annual Marion E Knelly Memorial Invitational was held Friday, Saturday & Sunday at Sugarloaf Golf Club.

Friday Skins: Eagle Hole #2: Don Keiser & Judd Pape
Hole-In-One Hole #3: Pat Mitchell & Nick Pane
Eagle Hole #5: Don Keiser & Judd Pape
Eagle Hole #6: Ron & Ryan Matisak
Birdie Hole #7: Sean Misstishen & Jason Troutman
Eagle Hole #12: Scott Dobash & Geoff Major
Eagle Hole #14: Nick Brayford & Chris Glessner

Saturday Skins: Eagle Hole #5: Don Keiser & Judd Pape
Eagle Hole #12: Jeff Chernis & Ray Miske
Birdie Hole #13: Josh Keener & Brandon Haydt

Championship Flight: Mitchell and Paone 198

First Flight: Kimmel & Brogan 209

Second Flight: Chapin & Miller 210

Third Flight: Sheehe & Sheehe 228

Fourth Flight: Birk & Harley 235

Please make arrangements for your skins & winnings to be picked up
within 30 days of the conclusion of the 2018 Invitational. Not responsible for skins and
gift certificates left over 30 days.

Wayne & I would like to thank you all for supporting this tournament and for being a part of its continued success for 40 years. We look forward to seeing the familiar faces of teams who have participated for many of those 39 years, as well as meeting many new players. We love hearing your stories of the people you’ve met here over the years and hope our newer players will find those same kinds of friendships in the future.

It is our pleasure to put this event on every August and we look forward to hosting many more in the coming years. Hope to see you all August 9, 10 & 11, 2019!

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Wishing you all the best for wonderful late summer and fall golf weather!


Patrick, Wayne & Judy
and the Staff of Sugarloaf

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