Golf Course SEO Strategies for Better Results on Google Search

Have you put a white label SEO strategy into place at your golf course?
Are you worried that your website is not showing up when prospective golfers search for tee times in your area? Golf operators are noticing that when it comes to search results, online tee time distributors are very good at getting their websites near the top of every golf related query. A lot of courses are battling for real estate on Google, they too want to rank for the keywords golfers typically use to search for tee times in your area. So, between the online tee time aggregators and all the local operators there is a ton of competition to rank higher on Google searches. If you want to rank higher, now is the time to develop golf SEO strategies that will finally get your website ranking better than the competition.

What is Golf Course SEO?
Massive tee time distributors usually have a very high search engine ranking since they have such huge websites and invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This means that a search for a round in your area will likely display their website above your course in the search page result. If you partner with the distributor it’s not necessarily a bad thing since your course will still appear on the distributor’s website. However, it’s always better to rank higher than the distributor you work with so you can encourage online bookings directly on your tee sheet, instead of through an aggregator. Not to mention that higher SEO rankings puts you ahead of the golf courses in your area.

If you’re afraid of these fancy terms like SEO don’t worry! These 9 golf course SEO strategies that will get your website ranking higher on Google.


1. Make sure your website is well designed
Google can tell whether your website is designed according to best practices and standards. If your website does not adhere, you’re telling Google that your operation is inferior to other websites that sell tee times online. Use simple web design tools such as WordPress and you’ll be able to ensure that the content on your website adheres to current SEO standards.

We understand that optimizing websites and making sure modern web design standards are being respected is difficult and time consuming. Thankfully there are golf marketing agencies out there than can bring your website into the 21st century for a reasonable price. These agencies are experts in crafting user friendly websites that follow Google’s standards, enhance your golf marketing strategies, and are guaranteed to rank better on Google searches.

2. Publish content regularly
To improve rankings on Google your golf course needs a blog that publishes posts regularly. By investing in a small golf blog you can engage your audience with content, create a channel for online promotions, and develop a larger following. Blogging tells Google that your website is an important place where golfers can find meaningful information. Proving that your website is a credible source of meaningful content will tell Google’s search engine algorithms to put your website in front of more people when they search for green fees in your area.

Ask whoever developed your website if they can add a blog page and then recruit your smartest, thought leading employees to write golf related content that will impress your audiences. Even a simple post about upcoming events at the clubhouse or a recap of last week’s tournament can do wonders for nurturing your customer relationships, promoting your golf course online, and consequentially improving search engine result rankings.