Golf Stories Worth Sharing

So… What Do You Have to Say for Yourself?
Posted by: Judy Knelly

We are approaching the 1 year anniversary of our all new website and I’d just like thank you all for spending a few minutes here and taking a look around. We had several goals in mind when we decided to put Jeff Hopeck owner of Killer Shark Marketing in charge of the project. Our website is constantly evolving and we continue to add more pages, links and articles to enhance your experience. You can easily become a Facebook Fan, follow us on Twitter or receive blogposts automatically. We have several new features we are working on that include an eight part series of articles targeted to those of you who are planning golf tournaments just packed with helpful ideas. Patrick is working on a series of course related posts regarding long range plans and the greening of our business. Wayne is working on a few human interest stories.
In keeping with this thinking, I am interested in expanding our blog to include some of YOUR stories. From personal experience I know some of the funniest stories my friends & I talk about happened on the course or in the 19th hole. We would love to hear your golf stories! Please think about putting them on paper and emailing them to me. Once approved for publication, we’ll post your stories and you can then share your story and a link to our blog with your golfing friends. So put on your writer’s cap and start penning your thoughts. We’d love to share them!

Disclaimer: Please email all submissions to Judy for approval. Not all stories will be accepted for publication.