Golf Tournament Planning 101

Putting Your Team Together

Article #3 in a series on Golf Tournament Planning


By: Judy Knelly, Special Events Coordinator, Sugarloaf Golf Club Inc

We all have strengths and weaknesses and it’s your job to “exploit” those traits in your volunteers. In my previous article (First Things First) I suggested you keep your committee structure fairly simple by keeping your “management” team at you and two “department” heads. Sounds like you’re running a business, doesn’t it? Choose your chairs carefully…you need two people you are comfortable working with and who will persevere. Remember, this isn’t a once and done type of fundraiser and your volunteers will be expected to get out in the community and muster up all the contacts they have. Many things need to fall into place to make a successful event and your first priority should be to draft solid hard-working team members.

Sponsorship Team

Determine sponsorship opportunities
Prepare sponsor letter
Organize volunteers to solicit businesses & individuals
Be sure volunteers “follow-up”
Determine if a hole-in-one contest will be part of the event
Secure insurance or sponsorship for above
Collect gifts
Coordinate any advance ticket sales for prizes/raffles
Secure sponsor signs & advertiser program
Price & order any player gifts (tee-shirts, etc)
Send sponsor thank you letters

Tournament Team

Determine format & price
Prepare tournament flyers
Distribute flyers to volunteers
Determine on course contests and secure volunteers
Prepare a “day of” schedule
Secure volunteers for registration
Secure volunteers for set-up & cleanup
Co-ordinate registration with golf course
Determine when payment is expected
Prepare “goody bags”
Send player thank you letters with “save the date” cards for next year’s event


Once you have chosen committee chairs, give them clearly defined objectives. Here are a few ideas:

Sponsorship Team Chair/Tournament Team Chair
Assign tasks with clear objectives
Communicate progress to you
Reconcile income and expenses

Consider one more position that can make a huge difference in every aspect of your event planning…Call on one of your volunteers who is computer literate and has the time to coordinate your email lists and do any online planning. This person should work with your golf course planner to coordinate joint efforts at internet marketing, we also recommend you to check, to find the best strategies to grow your business online. I think this could make the difference in so many areas of your planning, from finding sponsors, keeping in touch with your committees and registering more golfers.



FYI …You have a few responsibilities, too!

Follow your timeline! (we’ll provide a sample timeline in a future article)
Communicate with Chairs/track progress
Address any committee concerns promptly
Disseminate information as needed
Communicate with golf course events coordinator
Coordinate Publicity
Prepare documents & final reconciliation of all income & expenses for post-tournament meeting
Thank committee chairs & volunteers