Sugarloaf Golf Club | Handicap Scoring System

Attention Members!

Thank you for taking a few minutes to check out our all new website! We are thrilled that it has everything we wanted and so much more! One of the changes is how information will be posted. Our new Blog is where you’ll find up-to-the-minute information, commentary, results, course happenings and editorials.

One thing we haven’t transferred over is our handicapping shortcut. You can still post your handicaps online like you’ve done for the past several years, but you’ll have to go directly to The eHandicap Website and post as you normally would.

Also, for those of you who post on your own, don’t forget to post both your gross and adjusted score. Here is a reminder of just what ESC (Equitable Stroke Control) is:

  • ESC is used to convert your Gross Score into Adjusted Gross Score by limiting the maximum number of strokes per hole you may take based on your current handicap.
  • The USGA put the system in place so that a “disastrous” hole (you remember the time you lost a ball in the creek on #14, then chunked the next two into the lake then four putted the back left corner pin….yep…that’s what we’re talking about).
  • ESC will prevent that disaster from artificially inflating your handicap. Remember, your handicap is an indication of what your “potential best score” should be be…not your average score.

With the above in mind, here is how it works:

If your handicap for 18 holes is:

  • 9 or less – maximum strokes over par per hole is 2
  • 10 through 19 – maximum strokes per hole is 7
  • 20 through 29 – 8 30 through 39 – 9 40 & up – 10

Stop by the pro shop for a handy wallet-sized card printed with the ESC chart. Please don’t hesitate to email Judy at if you have any questions or if you have not yet established your handicap.