The US Open at Merion!

I feel a buzz in the air, unlike anything I can remember leading up to a major. Maybe it’s just me, but there is something special happening in golf right now. I feel it…this is going to be an amazing weekend of golf, rain or shine! It could be my somewhat arms length connections to Merion GC or the fact that it’s the most historic and iconic golf course in our area, but the anticipation is high and the excitement is in the air and it’s not just me, people are talking.

I was fortunate enough to volunteer for the 2005 US Amateur event held at Merion’s famous east course, and I’ve also had the opportunity to play the course a handful of times, so this week will be a lot of fun for me, but I think there is something more going on. Merion is NOT your typical US Open venue….it’s small, it’s short, and it’s certainly not built to accommodate this type of traffic. It’s also a turf covered museum of golf history unlike any other in the country. So much history stuffed onto a little piece of rolling property just outside of Philly.

I’m so happy to see such a historic course prove to the world that it’s old, but capable in every way. Great architecture doesn’t become obsolete. Ever. No matter how far they hit it, or how far under the winner finishes, it shouldn’t matter one bit. Merion has great holes, great greens, great history, and demands great golf shots; all of which combine for the potential to provide us all with a great four days of entertainment!

My hat is off to the USGA for making this happen, and also for coming down off their 7700 yard high horse for once and giving the people what they want to see…the best in the world, playing on the best in the world.