Winter Blog Series “The Hidden Benefits of this Great Game”

by Patrick S. Knelly

Sugarloaf Golf Club


                Part 3 “Golf Gives Back”


How does $3.9 BILLION sound to you?  Sounds darn good to us, and we are very proud to be a small local contributor to that number.  Some may have heard of “Golf 20/20”, or “National Golf Day”.  These events/stuides are commisioned by the governing boidies of the game of golf.  While some may argue their effectiveness and ability to communicate our message, noone can really argue the statistics.  Golf is an economic force, and moreso than nearly any recreation, a fundraising and charity giant.  Recent statistics show golf has dominated the world of charitable fundrainsing.  The following excerpt illustrates the power of golf in the community.

Steve Mona, CEO of World Golf Foundation (WGF) and administrator of WE ARE GOLF, says that the near $4 billion in charitable giving from golf is the finest in sports. In fact, you might be surprised to know that golf raises more money for charity than the big four of professional sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) combined. While that is a staggering statistic, perhaps more astonishing is the fact that the bulk of the funds get dispersed to causes unrelated to golf. A 2011 study by the National Golf Foundation found that from the 75% of U.S. golf properties that held 143,000 events that year, the sport averaged $26,300 per event. Despite NGD14 taking place on May 21, WE ARE GOLF and other golf devotees have taken to various social media channels to boast about these accomplishments by including the hashtags #NGD14 and #GivingBack. One of the ways that American Golf has contributed to charitable success in the sport is through our Golf Tournament Management website, which emphasizes an educational perspective and comprehensive resources.

High praise, and staggering statistics!  We are quite proud of this, and we are honored to help many local charities raise much needed funds for philanthropic activities both local and national.  We thank the many tournament directors who choose us as partners in this cause, and we also thank the many generous local sponsors and participants that make all of these events such a success! 

The next few blog posts we will be realeasing will actually be re-posts.  Judy Knelly, our food and beverage manager/event planner produced a wonderful blog series a few seasons ago focusing on the details and steps to running a successful charity golf outing.  The series is chock full of invaluable tips and tricks, and has been published on numerous national web outlets.  Look for the first in the series to be re-posted in the near future.   The entire series is also available in our archives on

While no funds are raised without hard work and dedication, we feel that a golf tournament is one of the most impactful and efficeient avenues available for fundraising in a small community.  At Sugarloaf Golf Club we have a pre-existing network of sponsors, and our staff has over 75 years of collective experience hosting fundriasing outings.  We would be honored to be your partner too, no matter what your cause, we can help!  Feel free to contact us today at 570-384-4097 and we can help you build a successful event from the ground up. 

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