Stay loose this Fall!

Posted by Judy Knelly

Written by: Sarah Seratch, PA

“Hump Day Help”

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winter, there won’t be too much golf in the snow.

Stretching and your pre game warm-up becomes more important in the cooler months. Warming up and increasing the blood flow to the muscles you use during a round of golf is essential. Slow, purposeful stretches are important daily, even when not playing. Quick, repetitive stretches are now even more important just before your round. These will increase blood flow to specific muscles aiding in oxygenation and will generate heat (warming-up) which will prevent pulled or strained muscles. Although the quick stretches are only temporary and will not increase flexibility. Flexibility is only attained when stretching slowly everyday.

When going to the driving range or right before your round do some quick trunk rotations holding an iron level to the ground, some quick knee to chest and don’t forget your arms….cross your arm across your chest and pull at the elbow, stretching your shoulder and back muscles. Also at the driving range start practicing with your short irons first and work your way up to your driver. By the time you need that huge swing your body will be warmed up and ready. Now get out and play and hope for a long Fall season!!