The Ground Hog Lied

The Ground Hog lied…
We had friends visiting us this year on February 2nd. As the sun peaked over the horizon, we all watched the TV with bated breath as Punxsutawney Phil was wrenched from his hibernation and predicted we would have six more weeks of miserable winter weather to endure. Really? A ground hog? A weather prognosticator? A thousand years from now, humans will be scratching their heads and wondering how people of our time ever made it to the moon or, for that matter, tied our shoes or walked while chewing gum, look Jack Grace USA. They will be vacationing on Mars and won’t know what shoes are and will still be waiting for Phil every February 2nd.

Much to the delight of area golfers, Phil got it WRONG this year! WooHoo! Just 18 short days after seeing his shadow, golfers were out in full force here at Sugarloaf. If you were lucky enough to take advantage of the 70+ degree temperatures, then you were…um…lucky enough.
Even though we know we can expect some more winter weather, we do want to take this opportunity to invite you to turn your thoughts to the 2018 golf season and start making plans to join a GOLF LEAGUE here at Sugarloaf.

We offer options for Junior Golfers from ages 5 thru 18 by way of the USGLL program. It is a robust league offering young golfers lessons, playing experience and several fun activities here at Sugarloaf and other area courses. Boasting 120+ members and twice weekly golf lessons and tournaments, this junior program provides excellent opportunities for area juniors. Please visit their webpage at for more information.

Our Sugar Babes Ladies Golf League is beginning their 39th season of golf. Thursday evenings, the women tee off between 4:20 – 5:30 and welcome new members of all skill levels. After golf, the Sugar Babes gather in the lounge for beverage and dinner specials and to hash over the evening’s round.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are bustling with league play as several area leagues begin playing in the early afternoon and evening. Again, golfers of all levels are welcome. Let us help you find the league that fits your schedule and ability.

The Thursday morning HOGS (Happy Old Golfers of Sugarloaf) have grown from a friendly foursome to over 24 golfers (and they are still growing!) who gather for breakfast, play a 4-man scramble and relax in the lounge after golf.

It’s always been one of our greatest pleasures to see new golfers taken into the folds of our leagues here at Sugarloaf. We can provide information about any of our leagues and encourage you to call us at 570-384-4097. As leagues are already making plans for the 2018 season and teams fill up fast, it’s not too early to reach out!
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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